A Guide to AWS Certifications

Many of my customers have asked me what type of AWS certification would be the right one for their job roles. In this article I will try to map IT roles that are typically found in enterprises today to the existing AWS certifications. Also, there will be a brief explanation of each AWS certificates with […]

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3 reasons why your Enterprise should start moving to the Cloud right now

The cloud is no longer a nice to have, but increasingly a necessity. Traditionally enterprises have been reluctant to embrace cloud technologies, especially on security grounds. But now, enterprises are moving past their fears about security and regulatory risks and embracing the business agility of public cloud services. The wave of Fintech startups, digital challengers […]

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DevOp(tion)s for Enterprises

How to introduce DevOps in large enterprises? What options do enterprises have considering their legacy and outsourced environments? Read all about it in the new EntArchs White Paper, together with practical tips on a roadmap to DevOps, logical and physical architectures of DevOps, how microservices play a role in enterprises and what tools do we […]

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Reading Material for Millennial Architects

The times are definitely changing. Solution architecture has been quite a lethargic discipline for some years. Three-layered architectures were dominant. There were not many unknowns. Scalability was usually just vertical (more powerful machines) or horizontal (more parallel machines). 100k concurrent users were more than enough for 95% of use cases out there. However, with the […]

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The Phoenix Project

I just finished reading “The Phoenix Project” book by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford. Must say it’s probably the best IT novel I have ever read! It’s a definite must read for all IT folks working either in development, operations, architecture or security. I worked for a company that is from the organizational […]

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