Why do we fail so often?

Despite more than 50 years of history and countless methodologies, advice and books, IT projects keep failing. Depending upon which academic study you read, the failure rate of large projects is reported as being between 50%-80%. Because of the natural human tendency to hide bad news, the real statistic may be even higher. This is […]

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Are you an I or a Pi?

This is a very interesting analogy presented in the Architecture Thinking course by IBM. “Are you an I or a Pi?” This is related to making a difference between specialists and architects. The question is actually “Are you a specialist or an architect?” The picture above describes it perfectly. “I” is one specialty. If you […]

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Lipstick on a pig?

The latest hype seems to be Software Robotics or Automation Tools. These are business workflow tools that are doing repetitive tasks instead of humans. Basically they are programmed to “look” at one application and retype certain values to another application. That “looking” process can be either via Win API functions or just screen scraping techniques. […]

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Mastering IT Architecture

Today I got my Master IT Architect certificate by the Open Group. The program requires applicants to demonstrate skills and experience against a set of conformance requirements through written applications and peer interviews. There are no training courses to attend, and no written exams to complete. The Open CA program is: The most trusted independent […]

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Goodbye Zoppilesku :(

Founder of Youngculture and a good friend, Marco Zoppi, died today. He was a great visionary, tech geek and full of optimism and unbelievable energy. He is also the reason why I live in Switzerland now. R.I.P. Marco… you won’t be forgotten…  

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My dream Java stack

Some time ago I started working on an idea to have a website for swapping items. For example, your kids are grown up and you have a basement full of toys you don’t need anymore. What do you do with it? You can sell it, trash it or give it away to someone. Well, why […]

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A few months ago I started working on one web site. That was basically my playground. I was able to test different JavaScript libraries there, to play with CSS styles and HTML templates that I stole from other web sites, etc. Once I was finally satisfied how my site looks like, I realized that I […]

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