Jazoon – Day 3

And the last day at Jazoon has arrived. And what a day! It was really “save the best for last”. Opening keynote was held by Duke itself – Joshua Bloch. It was a bit of marketing for his new edition of “Effective Java” book, but he showed some pretty complex generics and enum examples. He […]

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Jazoon – Day 2

First keynote was held by Ted Neward. Interesting and funny like always. He is a born speaker and gets right to the point. Session was about “Rethinking Enterprise” where the main conclusion was – be cynical, question everything and don’t blindly follow “best practices” because every problem/company/domain is different and there are no best practices. […]

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Jazoon – Day 1

Jazoon ’08, international Java conference, has started in Zurich. This is second time that this conference is being organized and I must admit that conference program looks much better this year. This morning we saw opening keynotes. I was very impressed by Martin Odersky appearance. He is the one who wrote javac compiler and Scala […]

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