So long Zurich, and thanks for all the fish

After 8 great years in Zurich Insurance, it’s time to move on…

In the last 8 years I have met the most incredible people. Very smart, very inspirational and very experienced. I have also made some amazing friendships that will continue to exist beyond my departure.

I have also learned the true meaning of enterprise architecture there which I blogged about in a previous post.

With the deep domain knowledge about insurance industry I am now ready to embark on the new journeys to somewhere else.

What comes next? That would be my contracting company, but still staying in the domain of architecture. Check it out on

Thank you Zurich for everything!


Flexi Portal

PB054106.JPG is now the entry point into my professional life.
I always wanted to have such a portal or anchor page from where I could start joining all the stuff I am working on.

From there you can go to my page with CV and references, link to my three companies that I am currently running and links to many social networks that I use. You can also see Projects section where some of the projects I worked on in my free time are listed. Description of my professional projects (that I worked on in different companies) is on my CV page (

This mind map picture shows the organization of


Why did I created this?
I think it is important to have a record of things that we used to do. Time is a cruel concept and it makes lots of things to be forgotten. Anything that you invested more than 6 months of your life in, is worth recording somewhere.
That’s what this Flexi Portal is all about…

Ah yes, why name “Flexi”? Hmm, I think I’ll keep that my little secret. 🙂