Why do we fail so often?

Despite more than 50 years of history and countless methodologies, advice and books, IT projects keep failing. Depending upon which … More

Are you an I or a Pi?

This is a very interesting analogy presented in the Architecture Thinking course by IBM. “Are you an I or a … More

Lipstick on a pig?

The latest hype seems to be Software Robotics or Automation Tools. These are business workflow tools that are doing repetitive … More

Mastering IT Architecture

Today I got my Master IT Architect certificate by the Open Group. The program requires applicants to demonstrate skills and … More

I am back…

Just after a couple of years, I am back to blogging. The reason is this picture below. Focus was somewhere … More

Goodbye Zoppilesku :(

Founder of Youngculture and a good friend, Marco Zoppi, died today. He was a great visionary, tech geek and full … More

My dream Java stack

Some time ago I started working on an idea to have a website for swapping items. For example, your kids … More


A few months ago I started working on one web site. That was basically my playground. I was able to … More