Jazoon – Day 3

And the last day at Jazoon has arrived. And what a day! It was really “save the best for last”.

Opening keynote was held by Duke itself – Joshua Bloch. It was a bit of marketing for his new edition of “Effective Java” book, but he showed some pretty complex generics and enum examples. He tried to explain usage of wildcards in generics, by inventing PECS mnemonic – Producer Extends Consumer Super. You should definitely check out his new book if you want to stay on bleeding edge of Java development.

“Java SQL databases” session was held by Thomas Muller, a guy who wrote Hypersonic SQL. He compared open source embedded Java databases – Apache Derby, HSQL and H2. His favorite was H2 (aside the fact that is creator of that one too) because it is much faster and can carry heavy data processing.

“Migrate to Apache Maven”show real world experience moving from Ant to Maven. I am still not so impressed by Maven as I wrote in some of my previous posts. It took them 2 months to migrate their project from Ant to Maven. Too much dude, just too much.

Lunch – cheese with bacon. No comment.

“A quick guide to modern languages” session held by Cedric Beust. Excellent overview of Ruby, Groovy, Erlang and Scala. He showed why should we and why shouldn’t we care too much about these languages. Every has its pros and cons but the real point of story was – don’t give up on Java. Java is still number 1 and is here to stay for a long time.

“eBay’s architecture” session by Randy Shoup. I actually had a pleasure to meet him during lunch. He is a very nice and smart guy. What was really impressive with eBay’s architecture is that everything is automated – scaling, updates, rollout, failure detection and most interestingly eBay doesn’t use any transactions. Super radical but also super practical.

Okay, that’s it for this years Jazoon. Generally, much better then last year, better organization, good speakers but still very expensive comparing to JavaPolis and some other better known conferences.

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