Flexi Portal


http://www.flexi.world is now the entry point into my professional life.
I always wanted to have such a portal or anchor page from where I could start joining all the stuff I am working on.

From there you can go to my page with CV and references, link to my three companies that I am currently running and links to many social networks that I use. You can also see Projects section where some of the projects I worked on in my free time are listed. Description of my professional projects (that I worked on in different companies) is on my CV page (nemanjakostic.ch).

This mind map picture shows the organization of flexi.world:


Why did I created this?
I think it is important to have a record of things that we used to do. Time is a cruel concept and it makes lots of things to be forgotten. Anything that you invested more than 6 months of your life in, is worth recording somewhere.
That’s what this Flexi Portal is all about…

Ah yes, why name “Flexi”? Hmm, I think I’ll keep that my little secret. 🙂

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